Don't Drive With a Damaged Windshield

Offering windshield replacement services in Grand Junction, CO

When your windshield is damaged beyond repair, it's important to schedule a windshield replacement service as soon as possible. Speak with a specialist at Easy Glass about your concerns, and we'll provide a free estimate. Using materials and methods approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council, we'll complete your replacement to a high standard.

Our replacement process includes:

  • Removing your windshield carefully to avoid damaging your vehicle's paint
  • Applying an AGSC-approved adhesive to the new windshield
  • Replacing the windshield using AGSC-approved methods

Set up a windshield replacement service in Grand Junction, CO.

Why choose Easy Glass?

Make us your first point of contact for windshield repair services. Our clients trust us because we:

  • Offer high-quality work at an affordable price
  • Fill the crack or dent with a clear resin that's indistinguishable from the surrounding glass.
  • Value your time, and will complete your service in an hour

We'll do everything we can to repair your windshield before recommending a complete replacement.

Call now to schedule your windshield repair service in Grand Junction, CO.